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The Magical River

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The River Marcouera is unlike any other river in the world. It sends out tributaries and branches (as all rivers do), but what makes Marcouera special is this: it flows in both directions at the same time. Each branch can weave to and from the mighty main river; it is through this magic that the marhilias can travel anywhere in Terramara at any time.


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If you want to be an author, just write.

You are already a story teller. You are already an author. You don't need to be official to write.

Write as much as you can, in any way that you like. Keep random journals, save everything on your computer. 

Read it aloud. Read it in the mirror. 

I once thought I had to be published, have official platforms, and slowly, those things are coming. 

But in the meantime, I write. For me, for joy. 

Just write. 

5 Steps for Creating a Website for Authors

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5 Steps for Creating a Website for Authors


I’m Kris Fuller- a published author and blogger. I’m excited to welcome you to the world of being an author! Congratulations on your writing your book and finding a home for it...which is rare in this self-published, digital world. Writing the book was the easy part, but there is work to be done if you want your book to be for sale at your local bookstore.

Create a Website

1 Check Domain name for availability

2 Register for Domain Name

3 Consider WHAT your website is for

4 Create Basic Website (Do It Yourself)

5 Plan for NEXT steps

Check Domain Name

You will need a domain name- that is what people will type into the search bar -it’s really your website name. As an author, I recommend ‘’ to start.


The best way to find out if a domain name is truly available is to go to a domain service provider such as (There are others, but I will recommend the ones I personally use).


It’s less than $15/year and you can buy for more than one year if you like. You DO have to renew this in order to maintain it.


Once on enom, simply type in what you’d like and it will tell you instantly if it’s available.


Register for your Domain Name


I typed in ‘KrisFuller’ and it immediately stated ‘NOT AVAILABLE’ so I tried ‘KrisFullerAuthor’ and it was good to go. (My name is not overly unique so must have been taken by another user).


Enom will recommend a variety of endings such as:




You can buy as many of these as you like to protect the name (so nobody else can use it). For me, I am satisfied with ‘.com’ as it is the most popular ending.


Consider WHAT your Website is for


Many books have their own website and you can evolve to that over time, but a ‘Home-Base’ is key. My website started with these tabs: Home Bio Works Contact

Home: This is the Official Site of Kris Fuller Author and is very minimal.

Bio: All about Me (of course)! Include pictures

Works: I chose the word ‘works’ instead of ‘books’ because I also write blogs, articles and do interviews.

Contact: a form to email me

I will talk about adding social media, and other elements in the last part ‘Planning Next Steps’ BUT for now, get started with those simple four. As you grow, each book may have it’s own website, but starting with YOU is a great place to begin.

Create Basic Website

I have used both and

Both are user friendly and simple to use. You can watch videos on YouTube and tutorials right inside these website creators to learn as you go. It didn’t take much for me to get the hang of it (and I would say I’m low-mid range for tech abilities!)

*If you prefer to hire a web developer, think about your purpose and have a clear goal of how you would like your website laid out. Get a quote and know exactly what you’re in for. Including maintenance, adding new tabs, making changes.

Plan for Next Steps

Thinking about the purpose of your site will help you plan a site that serves your author goals and needs for the long-term. Here are some steps to consider:

Social Media- you will want to link to social media. In deciding what social media to join, consider what you already use and consider what is best for you. There are no right or wrong answers to what you join, as long as you commit to the ones you DO join with your author info.

Will you have a monthly newsletter? If yes, you should have a mailing list signup form on your site to allow guests to join. (I use as my newsletter platform. It’s free to start, and charges once you get a larger member base).

Do you plan to blog regularly? Your website will have a blog app or the ability to bring one in. If blogging, you will also want to look at social media connections, too. My blog is built into my website.

How do you want to sell books: with links to online retailers or directly using ecommerce? You can sell directly on your website OR put in links.

List Upcoming Events- sharing your readings, signings, where you will be is key. Always start on your website, then link and share to social media. (And yes, you should start planning that WELL in advance).




Kris is an author with Waldorf Publishing and the CEO of Your Life Sparkles. A keynote speaker, business coach and event planner, Kris is known for her mindset philosophies and meticulous planning. Follow Kris on social media @yourlifesparkles or visit &




Terramara Back Cover

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Enchanted rivers and magic marhilias care for the land in Terramara. Everything that grows thrives and humans live in harmony with the tiny marhilias. When the River’s magic starts to fade, Terramara’s future is at stake. Mara, a silvery marhilia is transformed. She has an important destiny to fulfill...but will it be enough to save Terramara?