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Jelly Bean Grama 

By Kris Fuller 

I love to visit Grama house because every time I do 

She has a million jelly beans and says, “They’re just for you!”

There are jelly beans in the bedroom, in the kitchen and the hall. 

Each time I visit Grama’s house, I want to eat them all. 

My mom eats all the red ones up, the yellows she won’t touch 

She like to eat the jelly beans from the glass bowl on the hutch.

I like to eat all jelly beans (but my favourite ones are pinks). 

I line them up and sort them out and Grama smiles and winks. 

My sister likes the orange ones best but she’ll never eat the black. 

My brother likes to suck them once, and then he puts them back. 

Grama keeps her jelly beans in fancy crystal dishes

She says each time we eat one we should smile and make 3 wishes 

Grama says her wish is simple and she eats jelly beans every day 

She loves it when her children come and little ones just play 

Grama says she likes them all- each jelly bean makes her smile 

But what she likes even more- is when her family stays a while. 

(This poem is for my loving grama, Florence Olson- she had jellybeans in fancy crystal dishes all over her house. xoxo)

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