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Your Life Sparkles Blog  I write about self-love, kindness, health and finance in real life. 

Cancer Wife Ninja Blog  My husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer on Feb 26, 2020. This is my journey , the yo-yo of hope and worry, the things we do to stay strong and hopeful, the little touch of crazy mixed with big love as we navigate this new rotten thing. Ben passed away on July 16, 2020 and the blog continues with 'And Now'...

Author Blog Snippets from my writing and tips for authors. 


Best Ever You 52 Week Journal

Pinky Doodle Bug

A collaboration with Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino. Coming Soon! 

Terramara: Mara's Transformation


Enchanted rivers and magic marhilias care for the land in Terramara. Everything that grows thrives and humans live in harmony with the tiny marhilias. When the River’s magic starts to fade, Terramara’s future is at stake. Mara, a silvery marhilia is transformed. She has an important destiny to fulfill...but will it be enough to save Terramara?

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Your Life Sparkles 

Ideas & Stories to Spark Joy 

Positive Mindset can make a difference. Enjoy 10 tips and stories to make you smile and add sparkle to your day. 

It's short but sweet, would love your readership and review of this FREE e-book!

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